2017 Durham & Cleveland Challenge Cup
28 Feb Darlington1 v Guisborough1
  7 Mar Darlington1 v Sedgefield1
14 Mar Darlington1 v Redcar1

2016/17 season Durham & Cleveland premier division squash at Darlington
18th Oct 2016 Darlington 1 v Norton1  featuring ex county champion Danny Hockburn
 8th Nov 2016 Darlington1 v Sedgefield1 featuring England masters team members Chris Gillespie  and Matt Marshall
22nd Nov 2016 Darlington1 v Redcar1
10th Jan  2017 Darlington1 v Guisborough1
24th Jan Nov 2017 Darlington1 v Nunthorpe1 featuring Northumbria county champion Dave Barnett
2017 Durham & Cleveland County Championships will be held at Darlington 19-22 Jan 2017


8/10/2012 Success for our members in the Durham&Cleveland Masters 2012
Rob Thompson beat Colin Shields in the final of the over-55 category
and Dave Armstrong won the over-70's
On-line Court Booking is going live on Monday 6 August
This is the letter which will be sent to all members with known email addresses

Dear member,

You may recall that we recently asked for members views on computerising the booking system and the overwhelming majority were in favour.


Those of you that have been in the club since last weekend will have seen that the system has been delivered. The website is in place and the booking system is set to go live from next Monday 6th August.


All of the bookings on the sheets will be transferred over to the new system during the previous evening and the booking sheets will then be removed.


All that you need to access the system on the touch screen console in the club is your membership number, or your username and membership number to access via the website.


Your Member No was notified on your latest renewal in April but if you don’t have it or are a new member here it is:

 Member No:   *****                Username:  your.name.here

Please keep this safe or others could abuse your booking privileges. If you have any problems with your login please contact Geoff Watson 07914 577038, Dave Hindson 07939 565272 or Ken Robinson 07967 664295.


The system is designed to be simple and easy to use and the instructions are on the following page.


All booking are free initially on the computerised system, although the court light fees will eventually be increased slightly to compensate.


Only paid up members will be able to login and book courts.


As it is now so easy to cancel a booking, there is no reason for any booked courts to go unused. To ensure that all booked courts are used there is a sign-in option to confirm your attendance.  A report will be made of all un-attended courts and persistent offenders may have booking privileges reduced.  So please remember to confirm your attendance.


The booking system can be accessed from a link “court booking” on the new club website on darlingtonsquashclub.co.uk   Other content will be added there soon.


Yours, in Sport


The Committee, Darlington Squash Club.  1st August 2012



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