2017 County Championships at Darlington presented by
Sponsor Craig Watson from Hathaway &Cope Life & Pensions Ltd

Winner Danny Hockborn (Norton)                 Ladies Winner Kristy Burkin (Darlington)

Plate Winner Graham Johnson (Darlington)                  Ladies Plate Winner  Heather Graham (Norton)

2016 Xmas Handicap winner Andy McAdam

2016 Champion Andy Scott                                            2016 Ladies Champion Krissy Burkin

2016 Plate Winner   Mark Grainger                       2016 Ladies Plate Winner Elaine Redpath

2016 Handicap winner Tom Park

2015 Xmas Handicap winner John Gedye

2015 Champion Graham Johnson           2015 Ladies Champion Krissy Burkin
2015 Handicap Winner Mark Grainger   2015 Plate Winner Haydn Maclean

2014 Xmas Handicap winner Paul Illingworth
  2014 Champion Andrew Scott                                        2014 Ladies  Champion Kristy Burkin

2013 Xmas Handicap winner Martin Arkle

2013 Champion Simon Robinson           2013 Ladies Champion Kristy Burkin

2013 Handicap Champion Andy McAdam
2013 Plate Winner Murray Scott        2013 Ladies Plate Winner Linda Coleby

                        2012 Xmas Handicap 
He's done it again. Andy McAdam has won the
Xmas handicap for the second year in a row.  
Here he is receiving the the magnificent shield
from El Presidenti last year.
     2012 Champion Simon Robinson                        2012  Ladies Champion Sarah Hirst
    2012 Handicap Champion                          2012  Plate Champion Andy McAdam
              Dave Armstrong                        
Ladies Plate Champion Elaine Redpath 

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